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Additional Information Vector Apk Mod

NameVector Apk Mod
Requirement4.0 and Up
UpdateApr 18, 2022


We all may have played the game vector mod apk once in our life, but for those who do not know what it is, we are here to tell you. Vector is an action, adventure, and thriller game that is upon freedom. We all know that freedom is our most luxurious peace, and we all deserve freedom in our life. Either it is an animal or a human, we both want to have freedom in our life.

vector apk mod

Vector is a guy whose name is a vector, and he is in jail, and he breaks through the prison and runs away. The gameplay is focused mainly on helping the vector to make a successful escape, as he is chased by the security guard who runs after vector to catch him. The game was initially released on February 7, 2013. The game is developed by Nekki and published as well.

There are currently two sequels of the game known as vector 2, released on May 16, 2016. It is the second part of the game, and both of the sequels have gained massive success, which led to more than a hundred million downloads worldwide. The game is currently operated for Android and Apple devices and is a top-rated game on the gaming list.

In this game, you will get a variety of versions including vector 1 mod apk, vector run2 and the third one is the vector 3 game.

What is the APK Mod of this Game?

Don’t you know about the apk mod? No worries, we are going to tell you. An APK MOD is a third-party source installation of the game which works similarly to a real game and offers complete gameplay in the same way. However, the only difference with apk mod is that a player gets an extra benefit to avail of the vector unlimited money apk, which allows a player to gain unlimited money in-game for entirely free. At the same time, it needs to be paid with real money to get it.

Isn’t the news exciting that you can unlock all the paid features completely free without even needing to spend on the game? These hacks are only available on our site, which will get you to vector hacked apk for free. When it comes to gaming, the biggest drawback is about spending money on games to play. Such pay-to-play games kill the free-to-play player’s mood as they will always require money to play, which is their biggest drawback.

With the help of our exclusive apk mod, we will grant you vector two cheats which will allow you to crack vector and get all the items in-game for free. It is a dream for every gamer to have a game where they can enjoy all paid features free of cost so they can want, and this is why vector apk exists to help every free-to-play player get exclusive items for free.


The gameplay of the vector is straightforward to use and understand. There is no difficulty in playing the game because the game developers have not invented any controls on the game, which hinders which button will perform which task as learning buttons is not easy for everyone. It makes the gameplay annoying as well.

The developers have made the gameplay with the help of swipe gestures only which makes the gameplay easy and understandable to play without needing to learn any control buttons as there are no control buttons in the game. The game contains running, and you need to swipe your fingers on the phone screen to perform different tasks that your character will do.

What are the controls in-game?

  • Swipe up your finger in any direction to make your character jump.
  • Swipe down your finger to make your character slide.
  • Double tap on the screen to perform a special move.
  • Swipe right your finger to make your character jump.
vector apk mod

Interesting Features

High-definition Quality Video

The vector art apk with high-definition video quality will make the gameplay feel more realistic. And it keeps the gamers hooked on the game without taking their eyes off of it.

Bass boosted sound

The sound of the game enhances the experience of play and will help the gamers since the reality of the game with its excellent sound quality.

Multiple Maps

As we all know, playing under the same map gets boring; the vector runs two, and the vector one mod apk enables many different realities of maps to play, which does not make gamers get bored to keep on playing under the same map all the time.

Many different Gears and Gadgets

These are the main essential features of vector android games, which help gamers play with different gadgets and weapons. Their specialty is that each device and weapon performs various tricks and damage, which gives multiple varieties to play the permanent vector parkour right in your hand.

Multiple Levels and Modes

Another primary reason for the success of game vector is its multiple different levels and modes to play with, which will keep on adding excitement as you proceed to the next round.

Vector free Running Game

Vector Nekki has developed an exciting and thriller game packed with adventure and action that never gets boring to play and will always keep gamers loving it. The best feature is that it is entirely free to contact vector full version apk in just one tap of your finger.

MOD Features

Unlimited money

With the help of unlimited money, the player will enjoy buying everything from the vector game apk without needing to pay.

Unlimited Gears and Gadgets

Unlimited gadgets will help the player to use a variety of weapons for free.

All levels Unlocked

With the benefit of all levels unlocked, the players will play with all kinds of levels.

All tricks Unlocked

All tricks unlocked are a significant part to play, and as they are unlocked, you will benefit from the tricks to enjoy.

vector apk mod

 Download And Install Vector Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Do you want to get vector games free download on your mobile? Follow the steps below.

  • Go to our exclusive site.
  • You will see vector full mod apk, click on it and download it.
  • Once it is downloaded, click on the install button.
  • It will ask you for permissions, click on allow authorization.
  • Once the installation is finished, you will get vector apk on your phone and start playing it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Yes, there is no risk associated with apk mod, and it is 100% safe to install.

The current version available is 1.2.1 to download vector two mod apk.

Yes, you will get all the unlimited coins and gears unlocked; start playing it.        


Gaming has taken over the world, and all the top gaming industries dominate the world because there has been a massive player’s increase in players, which has led to the success of billion-dollar gaming companies. However, the benefit of playing from apk mod is that it bypasses the vector game and enables cracking vector, which allows a player to gain vector game cheat for utterly free without needing to pay. We are sure vector mod apk is better for all those gamers who are free-to-play players and want to enjoy gaming for free. It is their ultimate chance to obtain the opportunity and enjoy playing through vector apk.        

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