Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Free Craft)

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NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
Requirement5.0 and up
UpdateApril 13, 2022
last day on earth mod apk


There will be no point in playing if the story, gameplay, and other components of the game are inadequate. The Last Day on Earth (LDOE) is an action survival game that combines top-down action with adventure elements to immerse the player in a post-apocalyptic setting. Crafting, leveling, and dungeon systems are among its strongest points, but their rewards and activity are also rewarding. It also allows players to build bases together or raid others for additional resources.


In all of my game reviews, I always begin with the story because it is the most important soul of the game. Providing that the story, gameplay, and other aspects of the game are as good as they can be, the game will be worthwhile. That is exactly the case for Last Day on Earth. The game takes the player to Earth’s last days, during which swarms of zombies attack as quickly as an epidemic.

There are more zombies than humans. You are playing the game as a single player, and as a lucky man is alive, you are trying to survive as long as possible with the few things you have left to prevent being eaten by the zombies. The elements of Last Day on Earth are no longer relevant. This applies to love, friendship, and many other concepts. We must live, regardless of cost.

last day on earth mod apk


This is a unique Kefir game. The game is similar to other titles from the same company, including Grim Soul (Survival in a magical world) and Frostborn (Survival in an ancient world).

In the beginning, you will have to gather items scattered all over the map, and you will need to avoid being attacked by bloodthirsty zombies. Branches and stones can be used as self-defense weapons that can be used to cut trees and create safe bases. It is also important to stock up on food in order to feed the character in the game Last Day on Earth.

Whenever the last day on earth is observed, zombies everywhere are filled with excitement, fear, and a small amount of excitement, and they always try to find survivors to eat. In order to remain alive in this game, you must find safe and secure shelters.

When you die, your life will be reset to zero. You should always take care when doing anything, regardless of where you go or what you do. To protect yourself, collect weapons that can cause damage such as guns or TB. You can use them in case you are unexpectedly attacked.

The Controls

Controls are fairly simple in this game, you have a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and an Auto button that automatically collects resources. A button for attacking is located on the right side of the screen, as is one for picking and another for sitting. On the top right of the screen, you can also see the virtual map that gives you a broader view of the map and tells you how fast you’re going and where the zombies are.

last day on earth mod apk


The tower view in the game makes it much easier to observe the surroundings. This environment is filled with vibrant colors and good attention to detail. While the items themselves are sufficiently detailed, they are not of very high quality. In the game, you can choose between low and ultra graphics. It is recommended that you use Ultra graphics for the best visual experience.

Installing Last Day on Earth: Survival using the OBB data file

  • installing the APK.
  • Create a folder called zombie.survival.craft.z in the /SDCARD/Android/obb directory. Make sure that the OBB file (main.500558.zombie.survival.craft.z.obb) resides within the zombie.survival.craft.z folder.
  • Run it again. Enjoy!

APK for Android Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod latest version 1.18.16

Last Day on Earth: Survival can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and on Android devices. Install Last Day on Earth: Survival by downloading it from topchoiceapk. There are some in-app purchases available and some advertisements, however, these should not significantly impact your gaming experience. The player can also purchase other items as part of the game.

The following instructions are for playing Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC.

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