Homescapes Mod APK (Unlimited Stars/Money and Coins)

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Requirement 4.2
UpdateJun 3, 2022


When it comes to gaming, homescapes mod apk is the best game introduced for people who love to redesign their home, from scratch, including room, bathroom, kitchen, and garden. The game is rated under the top 10 list, mainly played by younger and older people. It has been a widely popular game mainly because of its concept to change your house’s look completely.

The game is mainly focused on decorating and redesigning the home according to the choice of placers, which will make them feel as if it is their own home. The game’s mission is to make your home look as attractive as it can so that it will look beautiful and you will be able to do as you wish, so what are you waiting for? Install the game now and start playing.

The benefit of playing this game is that it enhances the idea and makes us think of all the possible best reasons to make our home look better than before. It gives a virtual concept especially beneficial for people looking for different ways to decorate and redesign their house, which this game is based on. The game was initially released on September 19, 2017, and was developed by Playrix.

homescapes mod apk

Unlike other games, homescapes hack apk is very different and has a fantastic, mind-blowing experience for whoever plays it. It is an action and adventure game that enhances our thinking abilities which will help to give us an idea of how we can renovate our lovely home by utilizing minimum resources to get maximum potential to decorate our home. 

There are very few games these days found which help to develop our critical thinking ability and it will help us decide which decoration suits our home in the best possible way to make it look attractive. We all love to make our house look as beautiful as possible because it represents our lifestyle and reputation. Our exclusive homescapes cheats Android allow our beloved players to get the advantage of unlimited coins, which will help them purchase the paid items for free. Our homescapes mod apk endless stars provide all the VIP benefits that will help the players to unlock exclusive items for free, such as interior homescapes coupon code to receive exclusive perks that are only available on our homescapes hacked apk. 

Nowadays, games are expensive to play and enjoy as they are more centralized upon paid-to-play, which benefits the gaming companies to aim for profits. But at the same time, not free-to-players can enjoy and benefit from such expensively paid games, which is why homescapes hack for Android brings up the change. It will change the whole gameplay of enjoyment and excitement as with our homescapes cheats codes allow players to access all the paid items made available for completely free. Our homescapes hacked apk offers all those exclusive paid content accessible for free for free-to-play players so they can enjoy it as well without needing to pay.

homescapes mod apk


The gameplay is straightforward to use without needing any experience to play as it is made so that it is easy to understand without any learning. The game is mainly based on decorating and renovating the home to look more attractive and stunning than ever before. The good part about the game is that it can be decorated alone or invite your friends to help you do it.

When there are more people available to help, more ideas are to be shared, which can be used as positive feedback, and you will have more options available as well, which is better than doing it all alone. Also, when you play with your friends, the excitement and fun get doubled, so play it with your friends and enjoy together to help out each other.

Why should you install the homescapes apk version?

A persistent question that we hear from people is why should we install the game and play? We will tell you those benefits that you are getting from our exclusive apk mod hacks, which no other game has to offer. The main reason for installing this game is that it provides homescapes unlimited lives and an interior homescapes promotion code, which will help access all the paid items for free. What else could be a better reason than this? There is no need to spend even a single penny to help access hacked features that are nowhere else found.

Another good reason to install and play homescapes is that it has enhanced the mind, leading to better decisions for ourselves. It will help us think and evaluate which redesign would look elegant and attractive to impress our friends and family.

homescapes mod apk

What are the controls in-game?

  • Move

Use the joystick to move your character.

  • Select an item to apply

To select an item, click on the desired item, and it will get selected automatically.

Interesting Features

●     High-definition video quality

It has a high-definition video quality which helps players to feel the reality than just a game.

●     High sound quality

With high sound quality, players will never miss a beat as it has an excellent sound quality.

●     Play with your friends

Playing with friends is fun as the more the people are, the more exciting it becomes, and they can help us decorate their home, or we can ask them to do it for us.

MOD Features

●     Unlimited coins and stars

With an unlimited coin, you are going to benefit from purchasing everything for free.

●     Homescapes design

The game offers multiple different variant designs to change the look of your home.

●     Offline mode available

The good part about this game is that it does not require any internet connection to play with as if it is an offline game.

●     Unlimited lives

With an unlimited life, you will not fail a mission to complete the task.

How to download and install Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Money + Coins)

There is no hinder process in downloading the game.

Just go to the download button tap on it to select it.

It will start downloading.

After this, click on the install option.

It will require some permission, grant it/ allow it all.

The installation process will begin, and complete in a while, the game will move into your phone.

homescapes mod apk

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Yes, it is 100% safe due to our anti-ban security systems installed, which will not cause any damage to your phone.

Yes, all the hacks are obtainable through our apk mod site.

The version currently working is Android 3.2.1 homescapes mod apk latest version.


If you are interested in the redesigning and decorations of the home, then the homescapes mod apk version is the best known to play. Homescapes apk version consists of redesigning the house and renovating, which makes the game unique and exciting and never gets boring.

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