Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (All Unlocked) 2022

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NameCandy Crush Saga
Requirement4.4 and up
UpdateApril 11, 2022
candy crush saga mod apk

Welcome to Candy Crush Saga 

Do you want an easy way to download the Candy Crush Saga mod apk with all the levels and episodes unlocked from the very beginning of the game? Also, unlimited moves, lives, free switches, lollipop hammers, increased time for timed levels, etc. to help you complete them with the highest score?

There is no need to look any further as we have presented you with the ultimate Candy Crush Saga mod, which gives you unlimited gameplay with all levels unlocked as well. This apk will enable you to get the highest score in every level so that you can easily beat your friends. 

Keep reading to learn what hacked items and features are in this free Candy Crush Saga cracked app, and what you can do with it.

We will first describe the different puzzle modes in Candy Crush Saga before sharing with you the incomparable features of the mod and hack versions of the game.


Check out all the exciting features that the game has to offer

Play through the different levels and discover exciting gameplay

The first thing players will be exposed to will be many enjoyable gameplay challenges where they will face a variety of exciting tasks:

  • Goals – 
  • Try to utilize the resources you have on the field in order to earn a high score. You must pass a certain scale before you can move on to the next level.
  • Remove the jelly – 
  • If you prefer, you can play the exciting Clear the Jelly game in which you will have to remove the jellies covering your candy. After removing the jellies, the candy will be released onto the field.
  • Gather the ingredients – 
  • you will also be able to assist other characters throughout your journey. One of the most common ones is Collecting the Ingredients. You will need to transport the ingredients to your friends from the top of the field.
  • Order Mode – 
  • It is similar to the Collect the Ingredients game, but it is even more challenging since you have to collect the items sequentially. Since the number of your moves is limited, you should calculate them carefully.
candy crush saga mod apk

The game also offers a variety of other exciting gameplay options. There are a variety of Casual games on our website.

Get daily rewards and boosts

Candy Crush also offers valuable daily bonuses and rewards in order to assist the hard-working gamers. Those who are relatively active and regularly access Candy Crush can benefit greatly from these bonuses. Collect free daily bonuses and rewards as you progress through the levels.

Further, there is also a Daily Booster Wheel where you can test your luck. You may also unlock epic buffs if it is your lucky day.

Discover many delightful surprises

As you travel through Candy Crush’s world, you’re also treated to a variety of delightful surprises that will make your experience that much more enjoyable. In any case, you can collect many sugar drops that appear on your path and receive numerous rewards.

Discover new characters as you travel through the candy kingdom

Candy Crush offers players a wide variety of beautiful scenery and unique surroundings to explore throughout their journey. The player will come into contact with a variety of characters and be able to learn more about their stories. As you help them on their journey, you can make new friends and receive epic rewards.

Get colorful boosts to aid you in your journey

There will also be epic candies such as Color Bombs, striped candies, and so forth that will assist you in the game. These candies will have various properties. These candies can only be unlocked by matching three consecutive candies of the same color. Take advantage of these helpful boosts in order to achieve your goals. A smart move can sometimes make or break your performance.

There are thousands of levels to explore.

You will get to experience the addictive gameplay once the game reaches the thousand-level milestone. With future updates, you will also be able to access new features and levels. Candy Crush Saga will never let you down.

candy crush saga mod apk

Play online against your friends

Moreover, you can also play this exciting game with your friends online, as well as with other gamers. To access these exciting online features, simply log in to your social media account. Check out your friends’ progress. The game allows you to compete with other online gamers on the intense leaderboards.

Don’t lose your saved files

Connecting your social accounts will also enable you to keep track of your saved files without worrying about losing them. Your saved files will automatically be synced to the online drive as soon as you connect. Upon starting the game, the saved files will appear on your device. Consequently, whatever you do, whether you delete the game, reset your phone, or change to a new device, your game will remain unchanged as soon as you log in.

Free to play

All Android users are currently able to enjoy playing the game, and it will remain free as long as you decide to keep playing it. When the game is installed on your device, you will have access to all of its features. When you are online, you will have access to even more features. It still might annoy you a little bit because in-app purchases can slow you down.

candy crush saga mod apk

Play with fully unlocked features with our mods

Our mods will definitely meet the needs of those who cannot wait to fully experience the gameplay of Candy Crush. Simply download the Candy Crush Mod APK file on your mobile device. Please follow our instructions carefully to ensure the successful installation of this amazing game. With our mods, you can enjoy full-unlocked gameplay without ever having to pay for in-app purchases.

Mod Features

With this version, you have unlimited lives so that you can play unstoppably. In contrast, the standard version of Candy Crush Saga grants you five lives at a time, and you must wait to reload them. The game provides players with unlimited gifts that can be used to help them complete the level more quickly.


Ans. A new level is added every two weeks in this game, which contains thousands of levels.

Ans. You have an unlimited amount of lives when you play this game.

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