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adventure communist mod apk
Name AdVenture Communist
DeveloperHyper Hippo
Requirement5.0 and up
UpdateJul 18, 2022

People who are interested in business and dream of becoming a billionaire should consider playing this game. A small amount of initial capital is enough to create billions of dollars. By using a realistic business simulation, you are able to understand how to invest and manage capital to make a large fortune.

Hyper Hippo has developed this game. A while back, AdVenture Capitalist was emulating the capitalistic economy, and AdVenture Communist was emulating the communist economy. A clicker game allows you to produce something by simply touching, in this case, potatoes.

adventure communist mod apk

The game starts with just a farmer and a small plot of land, but as you grow the empire, things get more complex. Several potatoes are sown and harvested. Further farmers may be hired, and they will be paid with potatoes. If you invest wisely, even your empire will be able to produce enough food to feed the whole world.


According to our review, AdVenture Communist features idle gameplay, one of the most accessible genres to play and is suitable for all levels of gamers. It is not typical for a game in this category to require much player interaction, or even to require a great deal of thinking like a strategic game would require. The rules are simple, you don’t have to know the content to score well. Game developers need to ensure that their games of this genre create subtle accents and draw players in, despite the smooth gameplay. 

Probably the most unique aspect of the Communist state’s development will be the development of the potato. You will be able to grow potatoes more efficiently by utilizing all of the latest technologies. Also, you may want to include more partners in your business to help it grow. It just takes a few months to harvest potatoes and make money. This game provides an accurate representation of the concept of infinity. 

Features of AdVenture Communist

You aim to turn your humble potato farm into a thriving communist empire by starting with a humble plot of land. Invest in brand-new technological research and machinery to improve productivity. Obtain additional clients and expand your business. It is your primary objective to grow as quickly as possible – improving your farmland part by part in order to eventually unite the brotherland as a whole. For casual mobile gamers, it is ideal since you do not need to remain glued to your device while playing.

Developing a Growth Plan for Your Empire

While AdVenture Communist is often quite hands-off, this game from Hyper Hippo entails a considerable amount of strategy. There are a lot of buttons to click, but making the right decision about your course of action is equally important. There are numerous online guides that propose different strategies, and you can easily find the best route through the game, or you may take your time to discover it for yourself. In other words, the game has a large amount of replay value, especially after you reach the mid-game.

adventure communist mod apk

Bring in new members to your industry

You’ll attract some valuable individuals to your burgeoning industry as you progress through the game. When you’re away from the game, these guys help you collect resources, manage your materials, and keep an eye on things. You can greatly help AdVenture Communism if you hire the right experts. Also, there are awesome Researchers in your pocket to help you progress, which involves automating your industry and improving the communist industry. 

Research is vital

A farm’s performance can be improved with science, as well as the acquisition of valuable manual labor. By utilizing science, you may increase your productivity and improve your technology, reducing the number of buttons that need to be pressed. Science-based research can greatly increase your progress speed as well as reduce the amount of time you are required to spend checking the game constantly, which is great for those who are frequently playing online games.

Mod Feature of AdVenture Communist Mod Apk

Rank Up and DOMINATE

In our little communist state, you will see improvements day by day, and your state will be ranked on the success of its industries. Completing missions will help you to become a better communist leader, and you will be able to compare your results with your friends who also play t reatly cherished by your ultimate leader.


he game. Daily rewards may include all kinds of excellent items and perks that will assist you on your journey towards becoming the best. You are g

As a result of trade, the productivity of comrades is increased. Trade is an essential component since it is necessary to construct production resources on behalf of comrades. As well as gaining access to higher industries, the Comrades aid in constructing higher-tier resources. Five industries are present in total, therefore five trades will be available for purchase. There are specific amounts of base resources required for each trade type. As you progress through successive trades in the same industry, your base resource will increase.


Gold, researcher cards, and science rewards are all associated with capsules. In addition to their various rarities, these items can be obtained through mission rewards, event rewards, free capsules, or purchases from the Shop.

adventure communist mod apk


Airdrops are generally not encountered by the player in the game. It’s more of an occasional thing. As soon as it comes out, players will get Resources, Science, and Comrades. A plane will fly across the screen. According to the current events, the airdrops may be conducted by boat or by other aircraft.

The events take on various forms.

Each month, AdVenture Communist will hold a variety of exciting events. Approximately 11 events may be found in the game, including Communist Crusade, Space Force, Quest for Oil, Anew Atlantis, Winter Motherland, Supreme Santa, Shields Up, Comrade Cowboys, Potato Export, Ninja Union, and Power Underwhelming.

Usually, players who participate in an event must complete a mission involving 21 ranks. Industry requirements and researcher requirements vary according to each event. In order to maximize rewards, you should ensure that you boost the strength of your researchers to the maximum possible level.

Communist Features of AdVenture

  • Auto-Update
  • Gold Infinite
  • Compatible with All Devices
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Script for encrypting connections
  • that does not require root access.

What Does The AdVenture Communist Do?

Follow these steps to get the hacked version. Click on the Online Hack button. Your next step is to visit the hacker’s website and provide the requested information. Then, to activate the installment, you select Generate and Verify. The rewards will then appear as soon as this process is complete.


Purchasing periodic Supreme capsules, whose prices are 750 gold, is the best way to utilize your gold. However, if you invest carefully in events, you are likely to receive 40% more Supremes than gold. In order to accomplish this, you must purchase a specific Supreme from the Shop for 40k, and then choose the science reward.

After you reach the top of each event rank, you will receive a reward. Depending on the leaderboard you reach, you may also receive a reward. Your progression and resources earned during future events will not be saved.

This is entirely up to the individual. Simply put, you should do whatever you find enjoyable. Some people disagree with this statement. There are people who believe staying in higher ranks isn’t beneficial because the rewards are more rewarding. 

In 8 hours the Shop will be updated. It is possible that the Supreme will appear in the bottom-right corner for 1.5k gold by 20%. For 40k Science, the chances of Supreme turning up in the bottom-middle are just 12%.


AdVenture Communist is generally used to enhance players’ enjoyment of the game. Gold will be generated as much as you need in the hacked version. Also, it does not take up a large amount of your device’s storage area or contain any malicious programs, which can help keep your device safe. It is important for you to avoid detection from the server by not overusing the hacked apk.

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